EYEImagery FAQ

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is makeup included?

No. Makeup is not included for your session. If you would like to have makeup for your photoshoot, you should schedule an appointment with a makeup artist prior to coming to us.

Is a white backdrop my only choice?

Yes. A white backdrop is the preferred choice for my photography brand.

How long is a session?

During a pop up event, your session will last around 3-5 minutes. At our monthly mini-session event, you will have around 15 minutes.

Do you shoot full body photos?

No. Only headshots and 3/4 or portrait shots.

How many photos will I receive from a Picture Day session?

You will have between 10 and 15 finished images.

Do you provide prints for Picture Day?

No. I just provide the high resolution downloadable images. You may use your images to get prints from your favorite print provider.

How much is a session during a Pop Up Event?

If you show up at a pop up event, you do not pay for the mini-session. Once you are able to view your finished images, you will be able to purchase the photos you want.

Do you do weddings?


Do you do outdoor photos?