EYEImagery | What's It All About?


My name is Crystale, and I would love to be your personal biz funtographer. :-)

At E.Y.E. Imagery, I specialize in photographing business owners and entrepreneurs. This includes personal brands, singers, speakers, authors, motivators, stylists, artists, bloggers, chefs, bakers, lawyers, coaches, consultants, MUAs, celebrities, dancers, realtors, comedians, poets, accountants, and much more. We help you put your best face forward!

My purpose is to take your brand and your business to the next level. Your photos are the way to do that. People are hard-wired to notice photos more than words. So my job is to stop your potential clients in their tracks with awesome imagery starring none other than YOU! You ARE your brand. So, stop hiding. It's time to show you off and let your clients and potential clients see how professional, confident, and special you really are!

I have a passion, an eye, and a gift for creating beautiful and marketable portraits. I have a ridiculous amount of fun with what I do which means that you will be in an environment that will allow you the freedom to have fun too. And, because of this, you will not be nervous and stiff during your photoshoot. You will feel empowered and your photos will be as amazing as you are.

During this day and age where social media is creating millionaires and personal branding has become a must for successful businesses, it is so important that your first impression is your best impression. People will not hire you because of how you look, but getting them to stop and look at your page in a sea of social media superstars is definitely an important first step. You can be offering the absolute best product or service in the world, but at the end of the day, people are buying YOU. Be your brand. Get professional photos. Get noticed.

As with any photographer, I have my specific style. My photoshoots take place in my studio where I photograph all of my clients against a bright white background only. It is my choice to shoot this way for a number of reasons.

1.) This method allows for you photos to integrate seamlessly into almost any environment whether its your website, your social media page, your business cards, etc.

2.) Shooting with a white background makes it simple for you to turn your images into content by adding words to the available copy space or by easily adding more white to generate the amount of copy space you require.

3.) You on a white background can be manipulated into almost anything you need, including changing the background color or placing yourself into an entirely new environment.

4.) A clean white background means that your image is the focus. You practically pop off the page.

5.) Social media if filled with familiar looking images of photojournalistic type shots (which I think are awesome too). But, if you want to stand out, you have to try something different. Something Brand You.

So, enough reading. Check out our services and book a session today.

Warm wishes,

Crystale, your enthusiastic biz funtographer!